Артём Попков
Свадебный фотограф в Киеве
I am a professional wedding photographer with 10 years of experience. I will catch the most significant and emotional moments of your wedding. It always brings me great happiness to see beaming smiles of a couple and their guests every time the ceremony is happening!
Яркие свадебные истории
I love bright, emotional and expressive moments, spending all day with happy couples, participate in their wedding excitement.
Anna & Dima
Travel style wedding
Nastya & Misha
Family wedding in Grand Admiral club
Amira & Sam
White stole wedding in Gulierm Gardens park
Silvia & Andy
Big amicable greek family

Память искажает моменты жизни, стирает важные детали.
Задача фотографа – уловить и запечатлеть их навечно.

Храните воспоминания
Вам нужны коробки, красивые такие, а еще свадебный фотоальбом. Подумайте как приятно доставать коробку и свадебный альбом, чтобы показать их друзьям.*
Свадебная упаковка
Love story – это фотосессия до или после свадьбы. Сфотографирутесь вместе.*
Свадебный альбом
Снимите незабываемую историю с вашей семьей.*
Full service agency
We will start from scratch and will organize every stage of your event. From an idea of scenario to a count or roses in a vase on 5th table.
Choose a place
We have a range of special spots for wedding ceremonies. Art spaces, vintage halls or colourful landscape areas.
Wedding conception
We are happy to develop your ideas and help you to bring it to life. Also you can choose from our designed themes.
Wedding manager
Out manager will curate all considerable processes. We will create a plan, make a schedule, engage florists, stylists and other masters.
Master of ceremoniees
It is very important to get acquainted with a presenter before the wedding. We will select from our partners to discuss the program and choose best of them.
Photo and video
We cooperate with photographers, photo agencies, video production companies. You can look their portfolios and find the best.
Flowers decoration makes every wedding unique and especial. Our top florists will make your special day magical.
All intertainment should be stylized with a wedding style. We will meet musicants, actors, jazz band according to your wishes.
Outdoor registration
We will organise an official outdoor registration in european style at any location you wish.

Любовь – это дружба, которая загорелась.
Это взаимопонимание, доверие и прощение.

Энн Лэндерс
Выберите свой план свадебной фотосессии:
Full Day
Прикрепите к своему номеру скидку 10% на свадебную фотосъемку. Вы сможете воспользоваться ею в любой момент позже.
I am always happy to work with lovely couples and to living those moments when I become a part of their new life stories. Thank all of them for their nice words about my work!

Thank you, Melissa! The wedding day was a miracle and you wholly saved this emotion for us! I never thought that the wedding can be so magical in an atmosphere and its details! Thank you again, you are high professional and finely sensitive.
Leticia & David
It is very funny to see our wedding from the other side. It is really great to see our friends' and parents' happy faces. Melissa is very high in photography, and her shots look like high-quality movie scenes. <3
Rose & Thomas
Melissa, thanks again and thousands of times again! Best memories are wholly on your photos and in our hearts!
Sarah & Luke
It was very comfortable to work with Melissa. None even a shade of an inconvenience and shyness in front of the camera. We are very glad to see our guests' happy faces!
Mika & Alex
Ваша история продолжается и в другие дни
Именно поэтому не забудьте снять лав стори, заказать семейную фотосъемку, фотосъемку беременных и не пропустить другие важные моменты вашей жизни.*
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